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Shipping Policy
Shipping is absolutely FREE to residents of all 10 Canadian provinces:

British Columbia Quebec
Alberta Nova Scotia
Saskatchewan New Brunswick
Manitoba P.E.I.
Ontario Newfoundland & Labrador

Should merchandise need to be returned, we also cover the cost of return shipments originating from any of the 10 Canadian provinces listed above.  Please see our Return Policy for further details on returning merchandise.

Free shipping is not available to any of the 3 Canadian territories - Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut. Shipping cost will be based on current carrier rates at time of ordering.

Free shipping is not available to destinations outside of Canada which includes the U.S.A. and abroad.  Shipping cost will be calculated based on current carrier rates at time of ordering.  Applicable cross-border duties and broker fees will also be added to the shipping cost at time of ordering.

For clarification on our shipping policy, please contact us